Snug As A Bug

As Snug as a Bug

Just a few insights to where our little friend live.


  • Honey Bees live in hives that they build from wax and pollen. They use their habitats to store honey, raise their young, and communicate with each other.
  • Ants live in colonies that they dig underground or in wood. They use their habitats to protect themselves from predators, share food, and cooperate with each other.
  • Butterflies live in various habitats, such as forests, meadows, and gardens. They use their habitats to find nectar, mate, and lay eggs on host plants.
  • Fireflies live in humid and warm habitats, such as grasslands, marshes, and forests. They use their habitats to flash their lights and attract mates at night.
  • Ladybugs live in diverse habitats all over the world, except Antarctica. They use their habitats to feed on aphids and other pests that harm plants.
  • Dragonflies live in aquatic habitats, such as ponds, lakes, and rivers. They use their habitats to hunt for prey, such as mosquitoes and flies, both in the water and in the air.
  • Solitary & Bumble Bees.
  • More in to follow soon.