Creating Bee / Insect Habitats


Building a bee hotel is an enriching project that serves a dual purpose: it provides a sanctuary for beneficial pollinators while also contributing to the health of your garden and local ecosystem

The main purpose here at our workshop is with your help to focus on and bring wildlife back after the devastating fires we had here in Cyprus 2021 and to help revitalise the pollination process’s which was so badly affected. We can create & construct solitary bee hotels and other habitats, as all the materials are from around our village are supplied. We can use hollow tubes like bamboo, plenty of recycled pallets and fennel plants & pre-drilled sections of wood of various sizes. Depending on size an average bee structure can take up to 3 hours from start to finish, while creating these insect habitats you will become engineers exterior / interior designers and problem-solving masters and nature lovers. Some of the off cuts of wood are at different angles and very similar to a lucky dip box which children like to participate in, which fit inside the insect hotel and is a lot of fun to do. Contact us if you would like to participate in our bee / insect workshops.