Welcome to Layia Village Crafts Nature Retreat, a haven where the symphony of nature is our constant backdrop. We are Peter and Lynn, the founders of this tranquil village retreat situated in the lush heartland of Cyprus.

Our journey commenced years ago in Devon, where Peter’s skills as an aircraft engineer and Lynn’s position as a secretary for a prominent stockbroker tethered us to a life of ceaseless activity. Amidst this unyielding pace, we both longed for a different rhythm and routine that we could steer—a tune that echoed our innermost beings.

In 2010, we answered the call to change and set out for Cyprus, in pursuit of a life where we could master our time and shape our days deliberately. In this charming village embraced by mountains, we found our new abode and workshop—an exhilarating new start.

Peter discovered peace in the tactile pleasure of woodworking, crafting havens for bees, bats, birds, butterflies, and reptiles—each a homage to the craft of pollination. Lynn, armed with her brushes, delved into the vivid realm of oil painting and various mediums, her artwork mirroring the exquisite beauty enveloping us.

Together, we have interlaced our aspirations into the essence of Layia Village Crafts. What started as a pastime has flourished into a purpose: to coexist in harmony with Mother Nature and to provide a sanctuary for insects.

We extend an invitation for you to enter our world, where the crafts we fashion are more than mere items; they are conduits linking us to the planet and one another, constantly reminding us of the delight found in life’s simple joys.