Habitat of Inspirations

Our Wildlife Garden in Layia Village Cyprus


Here are just a few ways to transform your garden area into a nature-friendly habitat


 Grow plants for our Pollinators

Introduce Fragrant Flowers

Plant a wildflower meadow

Construct a Bee House

Make a Bumblebee habitat

Create a Hedgehog House

Create an Insect Café

Make a bug hotel establishment

Feed the Birds

Create a watering station for wildlife


It doesn’t matter how big your garden is, it could be a large expanse, a small courtyard or an apartment balcony, by following some simple wildlife garden ideas, you can create a colourful environment, which will and can provide a welcoming habitat for birds, insects and animals.

To watch bees, butterflies, birds and other creatures going about their business and enjoying our outdoor spaces is so rewarding.

From building bee hotels to providing hedgehogs with homes, creating watering stations and growing plants for pollinators, there’s an array of ideas for you to try to create a wonderful wildlife habitat. Just a few simple changes in the way you create & manage your garden area can and will help to support a rich variety of local inhabitants.


Just a few of our local friends here in Lageia Village.


All of the above can be seen and created at our workshop. If you require any advice to construct these habitats, please call us.



Please avoid using Chemical Pesticides