The Big Kidz Craft Hut

Learning in Nature

All Materiel’s supplied.

The Big Kidz Craft Hut is a creative space where you can unleash your inner child and explore your imagination. Here, you have the opportunity to be a “big” kid again in fun and stress-free surroundings. Whether you’re an aspiring engineer, interior designer, or just someone who loves crafting, this hut welcomes you to create something magical from simple materials.

🎨 Action Stations: All materials are supplied, so you can dive right into your crafty projects.

🏠 Interior and Exterior Design: Use your imagination to design both the inside and outside of your creations.

🌟 Habitat of Inspirations: The hut is a place where inspiration flows freely. Let your ideas take flight!

🦎 Habitat for Reptiles and Amphibians: Perhaps you’ll even spot a crafty lizard or a frog hopping by!

🌸 The Top Pollinators: Who knows? Maybe some friendly bees or butterflies will drop by to admire your handiwork.

So, whether you’re building a miniature house from paper or constructing an elaborate insect hotel.  The Big Kidz Craft Hut encourages you to play, create, and enjoy the process.

                               Bee Hotels – Butterfly Houses  – Insect Habitats –  Bat Houses – Pollinator Sanctuaries – Bird Houses